Citation and Acknowledgements


GeospaceLAB aims to help users to manage and visualize multiple kinds of data in space physics in a convenient way. We welcome collaboration to support your research work. If the functionality of GeospaceLAB plays a critical role in a research paper, the co-authorship is expected to be offered to one or more developers.

Citing GeospaceLAB

If GeospaceLAB is used for your scientific work, please mention it in the publication and cite the package: > Cai, L. (2022). GeospaceLAB (Version 0.4.19) [Computer software].

In addition, please add the in the methods or acknowledgements section the following: “This research has made use of GeospaceLAB v?.?.?, an open-source Python package to manage and visualize data in space physics”. Please include the project logo (see the top) to acknowledge GeospaceLAB in posters or talks.


We acknowledge all the dependencies used in developing GeospaceLAB.